Recruitment Is Lucrative: Just Ask IBM, ADP & Korn/Ferry

Almost two decades ago, a new and powerfully profitable chapter in the history of staffing had just begun and quite a few industry insiders — the majority, really — didn’t recognize it. At the time, the word on the street, in boardrooms, at industry events and everywhere was “recruitment process outsourcing” (RPO). RPO was going […]

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Beyond Head-Hunting

“Oh, so you’re a headhunter!” I hear this a lot when I tell folks what I do for a living, and I must confess the label never fails to give me pause. Not because I think people see me as the Webster Dictionary’s definition of “one who preserves the decapitated heads of enemies as trophies,” […]

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Building Authentic Business Relationships

A successful business continually reviews their practices, financial outlook and goals in order to plan, adapt and improve both performance and profitability. How do senior level executives accomplish the same sorts of tasks with an eye to continually self improve? Through constant use, you hone your business skills with everyday practice, you maintain both your […]

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Career Management: Advantages of the “Long View”

So, you may not be changing careers at the moment.  But, there are benefits to staying current with the broader spectrum of your industry.   The Advantages of Understanding the Competitive Landscape are significant.  You enhance your present situation with knowing how what you are doing connects to the industry as a whole.   In the process, […]

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Tailoring Transformation

Even in a sluggish economy, investments in human capital through employee programs are on the rise, and organizations with strong employee development initiatives are positioned to gain a critical competitive edge.  In the September 2010 edition of HRO Today, I discussed the importance of corporate leaders’ attitudes on employee engagement and retention. When engaged through diversified employee […]

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Preventive Perking

As the economy begins to show glimpses of improvement and job opportunities start to increase, companies will start to recalibrate their workforce strategies. We have been in a “hunker down” mode for a while now. Employer focus has been on streamlining and getting higher productivity with fewer employees. For the most part, they have implemented […]

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