Preventive Perking

As the economy begins to show glimpses of improvement and job opportunities start to increase, companies will start to recalibrate their workforce strategies. We have been in a “hunker down” mode for a while now. Employer focus has been on streamlining and getting higher productivity with fewer employees. For the most part, they have implemented […]

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CEO, Talent Scout

Chief Executive Officer, once a revered title, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent months. CEOs face tough challenges as they try to maintain cost-effectiveness and profitability, no small feat in this economic crisis. Currently, even the title itself sparks a wide range of perceptions from the general public—some positive, some not so positive. At […]

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Plan for Recovery-Now

Do we “wait it out” or make changes now? This is a decision faced by many companies in this cur- rent economic crisis. While some analysts suggest that we may have hit bottom, others contend that this period of decline could last well past the fourth quarter. Those who believe the latter are making a […]

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